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    The first Journey to Secure Live Immersion went so well, we decided to get the ball rolling right away for those of you who could not make it but are interested in joining us for the next one--and those of you just hearing about it for the first time too!

    Here are a few of the things that participants said at this year's event:

    "I've been to a lot of events and retreats like this and I've never felt as safe in a group of people as I feel right now. Thank you!"

    "This has been the most transformational experience of my entire life. What a gift this has been to my life and my relationships."

    "I've been carrying this one for 23 years and I finally feel like I can let it go and move forward. I can't find the words to thank you all enough."

    If you seek the same kind of experience, we strongly encourage you to pre-register now for next year's immersion.

    Know that lots more events, and support will be coming from this Journey To Secure Team!

    Pre-registering means you'll get a $100-200 discount on the super early bird tuition (or repeater if you attended the first one), so if you think you might want to join us, now is the time!

    And there’s no risk to you. See the details below!

    What you want to know:

    💜 Deposit is $450 (see details on where to send it below)
    💜 NO RISK: When we release the dates, location (likely Northern California around April/May 2024) and pricing, you'll have a window of time to decide whether or not you can make it (and get a refund if not).

    💜 Pre-registration will end when we confirm dates, location, and pricing for the retreat (in the next 2 months)

    Click here to pre-register

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    "I attended “Journey to Secure” with my new partner. The program was a serendipitous first adventure into a new relationship that brought aspects of myself into conscious awareness and provided the perfect opportunity to practice and connect using the skills and knowledge from the deep pool of presenters. Overall, and incredible journey that I still cherish well into my relationship."


    Darin Lightning

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    "I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for it. I was just hoping I would learn something about how to be secure in relationships. Participating in the 'Journey to Secure Immersion' was absolutely beneficial for me in that regard, if not a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it."



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    "This immersion has changed the entire course of my life in the biggest most valuable important way ever!"
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     ...and a community of people on their Journey to Secure!

  • With Guest Presenter Derek Hart

  • We all have stories...

    and experiences in our childhood or in our past that proved to us that our needs weren’t welcome, where our desires weren’t heard, where our pace wasn’t met, and where our feelings were dismissed.


    Times when what we most authentically wanted and needed wasn’t noticed or resulted in being ignored, punished, or unloved.


    Whether we remember those days or not, they left deep grooves in our psyche, reminding us to stay on guard in the future, telling us how much we don’t matter, informing us of the ways the world might be “out there to get us” or forget us.


    These grooves, our early insecurities, gave us a way for us to look at the world and how to navigate it. It told us how to make friends, how to seek love, and how to be in relationship with all things around us.


    In a way, our insecurities served us, however imperfectly, to get us where we are now.


    In this way, we made it.


    Through all the challenges of life and the ups and downs of relationships, we made it this far.


    But we know there has to be something better. Or at least we wish there to be.


    Relationship after relationship, we have begun to notice our patterns and the patterns of others, and started to notice and discern their cause. But we understand there must something more to it than what we know.


    For our sake and for the sake of the people we love.


    This is the point when we begin to understand how, in order to take the next step, we may no longer simply hope for others to change or become better than they are. Rather, it is time for us to make better choices for ourselves and better choices in how we engage with them.


    It is now time to take the first step in taking responsibility for the change we want to see.


    In other words, it begins with us.


    The journey to a secure style of relating, to an earned secure attachment style.


    And we are ready.


    Join us, a group and a community of explorers of relating and what makes inner security something worth discovering.


    Join us on your Journey to Secure!


    It's a Journey of 1001 steps, and it will be well worth it.

  • Ready. Set? Register!

    After all, it's a the journey of a 1001 steps

    This retreat includes:

    • 5 day / 4 night shared accommodations (see below for details on private accommodations)
    • 3 delicious meals per day & snacks
    • Classes by amazing facilitators, teachers, and experts in the field of Attachment Theory.
    • Retreat-style format: one workshop room and everyone on the same journey of learning and growth.
    • Adaptive schedule: we will adjust the schedule of classes based on the needs and desires of the group as the journey evolves.
    • Note: Airfare and airport transfers are not included.


    • Super Early Bird (limited spots, until 5/30) - US $1111
    • Early Bird (limited spots, until 6/30) - US $1222
    • Full Price - US $1333 US
    • Youth (18-24yo) - partial scholarships available (contact us for details)

    Additional notes on accommodations:

    • Semi-private spaces and larger queen beds are available but very limited and on a first come first served basis, with priority offered to those with special needs and couples.
    • Private glamping is available but very limited and on a first come first served basis, and includes a glamping tent, bedding, and power
    • Camping, car-camping, and RV/trailer camping is available (Note: there is plenty of shade but this will be a hot time of the year)

    Feel into your nervous system, your body, your heart, and your mind. Allow them to align in the most perfect way. Is there anything missing for you to join us? We will be happy to answer any your questions.


    Then when you are ready...


    Register here!

    Terms & Conditions