• The Journey To Secure

    Taking you from insecure to deeply satisfied in your closest relationships!


    Heal Your Heart. Have the Love You Want!

    An Immersion Retreat to help transform your relational life in just 6 days!

    July 18-23, 2024

    In the heart of Northern California, USA

    Limited Spaces!


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    Your past dictates and controls the depth and quality of your life AND your relationships...


    Until you learn to become the loving parent to your wounded, unintegrated parts.


    There are a handful of simple yet transformative shifts we can make that allow us to finally become the captains of our own ship and steer it exactly where we want it to go. And, once we discover and master them, we can literally create the life and the love that we’ve been dreaming of!


    Are you ready to finally take the wheel of your life?!


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    Welcome to your Journey to Secure a powerful step-by-step guided adventure towards the relationships you’ve been longing for, but have felt somehow out of reach.

    Join us and a growing global community of courageous relationship explorers at the second annual Journey to Secure 6-day Immersive Retreat!

    The Journey to Secure Retreat is a transformative experience meticulously crafted to guide you to presence, insight, understanding, and profound growth. Find the solid foundation you have been seeking, heal the traumas and challenges of your past and lay the foundation needed for the most exquisite relationships possible for the rest of your life, all in less than a week!

    Nestled in the serene Inner Sanctum Sanctuary in Northern California just a short drive from the Bay Area, our event draws inspiration from the intelligence of life itself and weaves together the most trusted and effective modalities and approaches for relational transformation in the world, integrating Eastern and Western wisdom for a holistic approach to transformation that addresses the full spectrum of the human condition.

  • What You'll Get:

    Unlock Your Potential With...

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    Radiant Confidence

    Develop a foundational belief in your own ability to manifest and grow relationships beyond the point where you would usually become anxious, avoidant, or critical of yourself and/or others.

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    Master Boundaries That Work

    Experience a clarity of limits, and boundaries, when to share them, and being able to do so with both grace and strength in a way that improves your relationship over time.

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    Increased Self Love and Self Acceptance

    Experience a clarity of limits, and boundaries, when to share them, and being able to do so with both grace and strength in a way that improves your relationship over time.

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    Profound Self Trust

    Imagine that you know in your bones that you already have what you need and that as things become more challenging, you feel clear and capable of creating all the closeness and love you’ve been lounging for.

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    Freedom from Anxiety

    Finally befriend and transform even the most deeply rooted fear and anxiety, regardless of your past.

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    Learn How to Create a Dream Relationship

    Whether single or partnered, discover the secrets to building the relationships of your dreams.

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    More Grounded and Less Reactive

    When things matter the most, you feel solid and stable and you know what to say and how to be where you can get your needs met AND support your partner in doing the same.

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    Supportive Community

    Become a part of a growing and supportive community of people and educators that are committed to making their way to secure love, together.

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    Heightened Clarity and Skill

    Gain a deeper understanding of your true self through guided practices, creating a foundation for profound personal growth and develop the practical skills to navigate even the most challenging relational dynamics.

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    Enhanced Emotional Resilience

    Gain a deeper understanding of your true self through guided practices, creating a foundation for profound personal growth and develop the practical skills to navigate even the most challenging relational dynamics.

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    Clear Vision

    Leave with what you want and how you will create it. Explore and connect with your profound purpose, igniting a sense of clarity and direction in your life.


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    Tools and Long Term Growth

    In the days, weeks and months that follow, to ensure you can actually realize the incredible things this retreat will bring to your awareness, you can receive ongoing education, support, practices and tools for creating your visionary lovestyle. Get what you need to make your way, well into the future!

  • Imagine this...


    You have a more inspiring life. One where you feel calm, clear, and confident when it comes to yourself and the relationships that come into your life. That means you have the ability to see, navigate, and cultivate the love, closeness, and intimacy that has been so challenging for you!


    Imagine a life that you love with more safety, mutuality, and joy and less fear, frustration, and conflict.


    This life is possible!


    Only Foud (4) Super Early Bird spots left, ends on May 30th

  • Value That Goes Above and Beyond!

    How Will We Deliver Beyond Your Expectations?

    Before the Event

    Get started even before we start!

    • Liminal Preparation: Tender Guidance Throughout the days and weeks prior to the actual retreat. We get started long before you get to the retreat with us. Dive deep into self-reflection with curated journaling prompts, interactive Zoom sessions, and a preparation dieta (prepare so you can get the most out of your experience) leading up the event. Everything you need to prepare and get the most out of your experiences is provided to you by our amazing facilitator team.
    • Preparation Call to support participants in arriving fully ready for the journey
    • Complete the Attachment Quiz to learn more about your attachment blueprint to help you along your journey. You can take the Quiz now:

    During the Event

    • Exquisite Meals by our Chefs: Be deeply nourished by gourmet farm-to-table meals, mirroring the picturesque amenities offered at the Woodside location.
    • Guided Movement Exploration: Experience transformative movement practices to release emotional baggage and foster a deep connection with your body. Immerse yourself in the therapeutic power of sound and movement to enhance relaxation and promote emotional healing.
    • Daily Practices: Receive practical tools for incorporating mindfulness, connection, self expression, and nervous system regulation into your daily life for sustained growth and awareness.
    • Heated Pool: The venue will have their heated pool available for use throughout the retreat!
    • Comprehensive Attachment Integration Workbook and Manual to support participants in continuing their journey towards Earned Secure
    • Variety and Cohesion: A wide range of sessions that are all designed to work in concert to amplify the healing and the results for you!
    • Unique Activities and Ceremonies: A combination of rituals to connect with your inner parts, inner parents, rebirth, and recieve gentle plant medicine support with optional gentle medicines such as Cacao, Blue Lotus, and Kanna
    • Highly skilled and Experienced Educator Team: The four core members of the educator team have over 85 Years of Experience leading and guiding transformational programs and coaching all over the world.
    • Unparalleled Curriculum: A robust and exceptional series of sessions and growth opportunities to heal the wounds of your past and accelerate the breakthroughs you’ve been looking to create in your relational life! paragraph text here.
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    After the Event

    • Post-Integrative Support: Continue your journey with post-integrative zoom sessions, journal prompts, and a carefully designed reintegration dieta.
    • Live Follow Up Integration Calls: In combination with the Attachment Integration Workbook and Manual, comforting and connective zooms, deepening our practices, friendships, understanding and ability to bring home what we experienced.
    • Membership: 3 months of access to our Journey To Secure Membership Community
  • Testimonials

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    "This immersion has changed the entire course of my life in the biggest most valuable important way ever!"


    Astaria Aya


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    "I attended “Journey to Secure” with my new partner. The program was a serendipitous first adventure into a new relationship that brought aspects of myself into conscious awareness and provided the perfect opportunity to practice and connect using the skills and knowledge from the deep pool of presenters. Overall, and incredible journey that I still cherish well into my relationship."


    Darin Lightning

    Business Owner

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    "The teachings of this program are changing my life in a way like nothing has EVER impacted my healing before. I'm talking serious breakthroughs. Epic. I'm going to be bold here and go ahead and say -- if you're even remotely interested, do yourself a favor and get yourself to this retreat. Join us, as we all learn about ourselves and heal as a village. Transmute the poison and RISE together. "



    Astrologer and Song Leader

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    "Wow. I knew this Journey was going to be powerful… and the amount of potency, release, and insights I’ve received have been beyond what I expected. I feel in this container I’ve finally felt safe to begin to release and unravel core truamas that have longed to be seen, acknowledged, held and felt. And it’s that much more potent to be in this journey with other people having the courage to embrace this process, together.



    Relationship, Intimacy & Communication Coach

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    "Wow. Journey to Secure was a powerful experience for me. I attended both the online and live immersion and received so many potent downloads and insights about myself and how I relate to others.


    I felt enveloped in a warm and nurturing environment that encouraged self-discovery, personal growth, authenticity and vulnerability.


    The facilitators are true experts in attachment theory, and their deep knowledge and compassionate guidance helped me gain a profound understanding of my own attachment patterns.


    I felt safe to explore and express my emotions in this container and be seen unpacking some deep core wounds and traumas.


    I developed a deeper relationship to my inner child and what she needs. I learned so many useful communication tools and heart-centered practices to co-create richer and more fulfilling relationships. Witnessing other people in their deep process was highly impactful and also helped me piece together parts of my own experience.


    It was a life-changing experience that I highly recommend to anyone desiring to digest and express their emotions with greater compassion and care, cultivate more forgiveness and acceptance in relationships, and heal with a kind community who is walking right alongside you."


    Kristen Creatrix

    Creative & Coach

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    Who Is This Retreat For?

    This retreat has been created in honor of and specifically to support people who have lived through painful challenges and made big mistakes. People who have tried and failed in love, but kept trying to find and sustain the closeness and intimacy they most long for. For people who, in spite of all the difficulties, still believe that the love they have been searching for is possible.


    This retreat was created for YOU!


    Whether you're single or navigating a current relationship, and whether you've been exploring coaching, therapy or other forms of support, but still find meaningful connections elusive or unnecessarily difficult, this retreat is for you. We understand the struggles – chronic loneliness, dysfunctional relationship patterns, and the painful yearning for lasting joy. We’ve all been in these kinds of places and have come through the other side with newfound optimism and trust that we all can truly find a love that lasts. This retreat is a practical lifeline for those who want to heal, grow, and build deep, passionate love that lasts. Isn’t it time to stand up and reclaim the presence, clarity and confidence that you knew when you were very young? Isn’t it time to fall in love again?


    Join us on this journey to transform your past experiences, overcome your fears, and shape the fulfilling relationships you’ve been dreaming of but hadn’t figured out how to create yet. This retreat was created for YOU. It was created so you can finally have it all.

  • Your 6-Day Journey to Secure: Every Aspect of Your Time with us is Curated for Your Maximum Transformation!


    Stages of your Transformative Journey to a New Relational Life:

    1. Preparation for one of the most meaningful weeks of your Life!
    2. Landing, Grounding, and Creating a Safe, Sacred Space for the Journey
    3. Clarifying the Arc of Integration that Will Inform and Empower the Journey to Secure
    4. Scaffolding to Support a New Vision for a More Loving Future
    5. Hunting for the Treasure Using Your Personal & Familial Past
    6. Learning and Exploring the key practices, techniques, and foundations of Secure Relationships
    7. Entering the Dark Cave: Every meaningful journey involves facing and feeling what we have not fully healed. This will be an initiation into the life you’ve been asking for but have yet to find the right recipe for
    8. The Divine, Triumphant Return where you get to engage yourself and your life newly, full of clarity, confidence, and wholeness
    9. Celebration and Recharge for the Next Phase of the Journey
    10. Aftercare and continuing down the path to ever more connected and fulfilling relationships.

    Some of the Activities And Sessions You Will Be Guided In:

    • The 7-Stage Trauma Timeline: See your story and learn how and where you can most effectively intervene in what is old and unintegrated, in order to redirect your relational life.
    • The Whole Human - Understanding Trauma and Change: A model and framework to help us understand the specific parts and mechanisms at play in the wounding and healing of our relationships. This model includes the 4 aspects of the human condition: Our mental, emotional , somatic and spiritual sleeves.
    • Integrative Relating: A concise and deeply powerful method of making room for our hurts, finding our authentic desires and giving voice to those desires in a way that heals and transforms our relationships. Past, present AND future!.
    • Daily Integration Classes for Sustainable Change: Expert-led daily integration classes guide you to identify what’s holding you back and create the deepest healing possible.
    • Rewire from Trauma Triggers and into Reconnection: Learn cutting edge self regulation techniques that take the nervous system out of fight, flight, freeze and into connection and safety.
    • From Self Awareness to Ecstatic Sovereignty: Develop a clear map of which parts of your psyche try to take over, while building your own Sovereign Court of Inner Wise Guides to hold all of you with unconditional love.
    • Gracious Authenticity: Techniques to combine the power of authentic self expression with the connective grace of skilled communication. Make empowering requests and defuse points of disconnection.
    • Liberation through Embodiment: Identify reference points in your nervous system and body of how and where attachment lives in and expresses through you. Get an embodied understanding of each expression of attachment and bring more compassion to your relationships.
    • Taking our Place: Unlearn intergenerational trauma keeping you stuck in oppressive cycles and feel liberated and supported to live the life of your dreams.
    • The Cosmic Child: An initiation to foster a deeper understanding of yourself and your place within the greater web of life while receiving personal and collective healing.
    • Regulation for Beginners: Learn the basics of nervous system regulation through simple practices alone and with others including vizualization, breathwork, and co-regulation.
    • The 9 Skills, Qualities, and Superpowers of Secure Attachment: Explore and grow towards the traits that make Secure Attachment such a powerful way to be and live in the world.
    • The Journey to Secure Educational Board Game: Discover, learn, and understand the four attachment styles through a new board game where players experience and overcome emotional trials specific to each style as they make their journey to a Secure Attachment Style. 
  • Two VIP Packages Available to You

    VIP Package 1

    • 2nd best private accommodation: a 28ft RV with a full kitchen, oven, microwave, and stove, full bathroom, queen size bed in bedroom, dining table that can convert into a full size bed, heating and air conditioning and a refrigerator.
    • Level 1 VIP Welcome Basket (Includes classic artisanal Northern California goodies)
    • 2 personalized coaching sessions (with the facilitator of your choice)
    • 6-months of Secure Network Membership (to support your journey after the retreat)
    • Journey to Secure follow-up package (journal prompts, written materials, and more)



    VIP Package 2

    • Best private accommodation: a 40ft camping trailer with a master bedroom (California king mattress), a full kitchen with oven, microwave, stove, double refrigerator, a single bed and living room, desk, dining room, full size shower, electric fireplace, heating, air conditioning, and a 10ft x 10ft living room.
    • Level 2 VIP Welcome Basket (Includes classic, artisanal Northern California goodies)
    • 4 personalized coaching sessions (get 1 session with each facilitator)
    • 1 year of secure network membership (to support your journey after the retreat)
    • Journey to Secure follow-up package (journal prompts, written materials, and more)


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    Your Presenters

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    Philippe Lewis

    California, USA

    Philippe is a passionate relationship educator and founder of Exquisite Love. With a mission to empower men and women in making informed and positive choices for themselves and their partners, Philippe guides individuals on a transformative journey to become sovereign beings through the art of connection, trust, consent, intimacy, and love. Drawing from the profound insights of attachment theory, he helps people explore the depths of human connection and understand the dynamics that shape their relationships.


    Philippe's impact in the realm of personal growth and self-discovery extends far and wide. As a co-founder of The Journey to Secure, he fosters a supportive community of like-minded individuals on a shared path of growth and an earned attachment style. Additionally, his role as a coordinator with the International School of Temple Arts, showcases his dedication to fostering open-mindedness and personal exploration.

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    Colorada, USA

    Naiya is a visionary guide at the intersection of embodiment and psychedelic integration, committed to nurturing spaces where individuals and communities can flourish through the harmony of breath, sound, and movement. With a foundation deeply rooted in IFS, systemic constellations, transpersonal psychology, and an array of both ancient and contemporary modalities including neo & non-dual tantra, 5 Rhythms, indigenous teachings, and somatic-focused psychotherapies, she has dedicated herself to facilitating transformational journeys. Since 2016, Naiya has been a beacon of guidance in sacred earth medicine ceremonies, dance, systemic constellations community circles, breathwork, yin yoga, and somatic psychotherapy.


    With a bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida International University, a master's in Intercultural Psychology from ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon and The University of Oslo, and certifications in Systemic Family Constellations, Naiya is also nearing the completion of the Awe Foundation’s Psychedelic Therapy Training and a Masters in Integrative Psychedelic Therapy from Ubiquity. Her academic and experiential journey underpins her commitment to fostering spaces of healing and self-discovery.


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    Francesca Gentille

    California, USA


    Francesca Gentille, Certified Clinical Sexologist and initiated shaman, inspires transformation through combining the science and soul of sexuality. For over 20 years, she´s compassionately empowered 1000s of clients, and students around the world to reclaim the spark, bridge sexual differences, heal from trauma, and deepen self love!


    An expert in the field of integrating sexuality, consciousness, healing, Tantra, Conscious Non-Monogamy, and the use of BDSM as therapeutic modality. She is a professor at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology, where she is studying to receive her PHD. She has conducted workshops, and presented at conferences in the United States, Netherlands, Italy, Malta, Israel, England, Ireland, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, Spain, and England.

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    Dolphin Kasper

    Alberta, Canada

    Author, facilitator and relationship breakthrough coach, Dolphin Kasper has always been keenly interested in the fundamental nature of the human condition and what the full potential of relationships can be. Co-founder of Relationflix, and founder of The Relationship Breakthrough Accelerator, Dolphin is dedicated to creating innovative opportunities for people to transform the depth, quality and potential of their relational lives. In his over 25 years of experience working with people and their relationships, Dolphin has discovered the most powerful insights and profoundly effective approaches to healing your past and stepping into full agency in your present. He knows that these simple things are the doorway through which we can step which leads us in the direction of a life with progressively more joy, more love and more connection and he supports the people he works with to step through that door.

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    Daily Structure

    Taking full advantage of our time together!

    Each day will build on material and learning that came before it and lay the foundation for what the next days need to maximize your healing, learning, and growth!

    • Wake-up
    • Guided Morning Exploration/Movement (Optional)
    • Morning Nourishment
    • Informational University: The education, science and context of attachment, trauma, and how the brain rewires into resilience
    • Midday Nourishment
    • Free time
    • Experiential Lab: The practices, and techniques to bring home into your daily life, love life, dating or committed partnership.
    • Evening Nourishment
    • Free time
    • Integration Session: Gentle, and tender co-regulation experiences that balance the nervous system.
    • Pre-Bedtime activities to Unwind and Attune toward depthful sleep
  • FAQ's

    Your Questions Answered

  • Disclaimer 

    Understanding Our Space

    This transformative experience is carefully designed as a trauma-informed space, focusing on healing and personal growth. However, it is essential to understand the specific nature of this event and its limitations.

    Who is This Not For?

     This event is not intended to replace professional therapy. While it incorporates healing practices, it does not provide the depth and personalized attention that therapy can offer. If you are currently undergoing therapy or have specific mental health conditions that require therapeutic intervention, this event may not be suitable as a sole means of support.


    Trauma-Informed, Not Therapy

    Our approach is trauma-informed, acknowledging the impact of past experiences on individuals. It is a supportive environment for processing emotions and fostering personal growth. However, it is crucial to recognize that trauma-informed practices differ from therapy, and this event is not a substitute for therapeutic treatment.

    Capacity to Leave - Planning for Dysregulation

    Participants are encouraged to join this journey with the awareness and capacity to manage their emotional states. While the event is designed to provide support, there may be instances where individuals feel overwhelmed or dysregulated. It is essential to come prepared with a plan for self-care and the ability to leave if necessary.

    Understanding Dysregulation

    Dysregulation refers to an imbalance in emotional states, which may manifest as heightened anxiety, emotional distress, or other challenging experiences. Participants should be mindful of their own triggers and boundaries, allowing for a responsible and self-aware approach to the transformative process.

    Navigating Personal Boundaries

    As we delve into deep and transformative experiences, respecting personal boundaries is paramount. Participants are encouraged to communicate openly with facilitators and fellow participants about their comfort levels and needs.

    Seeking Professional Support

    If you are currently undergoing therapy or have specific mental health concerns, it is advisable to consult with your mental health professional before joining this event. They can provide guidance on whether this experience aligns with your current therapeutic journey and offer recommendations for additional support.

    Responsibility for Self-Care

    Participants bear the responsibility for their well-being and self-care during and after the event. This includes recognizing personal limitations, communicating needs to facilitators, and taking necessary steps to maintain emotional balance.

    Challenge by Choice and The Full Value Agreement

    This agreement supports you in staying safe while also getting the most out of your experience with us.

    Our Commitment

     While this event aims to create a supportive and transformative space, it is essential for participants to approach it with a clear understanding of its purpose and limitations. If you have any concerns about whether this event is suitable for you, we recommend reaching out to our team for further clarification. Your well-being is our priority, and we want to ensure that this journey aligns with your personal goals and needs.

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    Contact Us!

    In keeping our commitment to provide you with a personalized experience, we invite you to take the next step in your Journey. Click the "Register now" button throughout the page or if you have questions or want to connect with our team to get a better sense of this is the right retreat for you, get in touch with us! Whether you are single or partnered, seeking freedom from anxiety, or aiming to create dream relationships, our event is tailored to your unique needs.