• Bonus Offerings

    Our presenters have graciously offered to share some beautiful bonus offerings with you for joining us for the Journey to Secure. Here they are in all their glory!

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    11 Practices to Integrate Altered States

    by Naiya

    Take time to work to bring your insights from altered states (breathwork, inner child healing, psychedelics, etc.) into your everyday life, and release staying stuck in toxic patterns.

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    The Only Proven Way to Restore a Marriage

    by Derek Hart

    Take the steps to communicate, hear, and be heard in your relationships and heal the bonds in your life.

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    Compromise vs. Codependence Workbook

    by Shayna Cass

    This mini workbook will help you to determine if you're engaging in compromise or if you're in unhealthy codependenc and abandoning self.


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    Exquisite Connections: Practices to Develop Powerful Connection Skills for a Life of Abundance & Love

    by Philippe Lewis

    Learn practices to bring you into presence and connection with new Emotional, Somatic, Primal skills, and much more!

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    Sexual Healing Magic Combo

    by Francesca Gentille

    GET the healing & magical power of SEX

    Get two great teleseminars as your gift!


    Learn to utilize the erotic power of arousal to manifest AND/OR to heal others with the energy of your, & their, Eros energy. Listen anytime. As often as you like. Alone or with someone you love.


    1. Seven Sacred Sessions of Sex Magic:

    The Passionate Power of Manifestation

    2. Healing with Sacred Eros

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    Relationship Breakthrough Workbook

    by Dolphin Kasper

    In this workbook you’ll be asked to walk through your history and your current relationships in a new way. It has been designed to help you let go of the questions that don’t really make a difference and to focus in the ones that do. Take the time to really think about your answers and you’ll eb rewarded with new levels of clarity and a new sense of empowerment about what it is going to take to create the relationships of your dreams.

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    Am I Consenting eBook

    by Cyrena Giordano

    You can use this mini prompt book when you feel confused about whether you are listening to your own consent in whatever current dynamic you’re in to discover more about if you are in consent (or choice) or not!