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    "This immersion has changed the entire course of my life in the biggest most valuable important way ever!"



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    "I attended “Journey to Secure” with my new partner. The program was a serendipitous first adventure into a new relationship that brought aspects of myself into conscious awareness and provided the perfect opportunity to practice and connect using the skills and knowledge from the deep pool of presenters. Overall, and incredible journey that I still cherish well into my relationship."


    Darin Lightning

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    "I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for it. I was just hoping I would learn something about how to be secure in relationships. Participating in the 'Journey to Secure Immersion' was absolutely beneficial for me in that regard, if not a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it."



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    "YOU GUYS. The teachings of this program are changing my life in a way like nothing has EVER impacted my healing before. I'm talking serious breakthroughs. Epic. It is essentially, a big giant educational embodied grief ritual. This is important because NONE of us can claim our dharma without grief work - consistently. in a titration-like fashion. And grief needs to be witnessed by more than one person at the same time, in order to move.


    I'm yelling from the rooftops here because after two full days left of classes, I have never experienced anything so remarkably transformational in my life.


    Through a unique combination of classroom learning and embodiment practices from world-leading thought leaders on attachment trauma, I have learned more about myself and my difficult emotions than anything else has ever broken down for me - ever. I have actually been able to move more undigested grief and trauma out of my body than EVER BEFORE. More than any book or any therapy --ever-- in my whole entire giant life. Moving old stories of abandonment and trauma out of my body. It is helping me cultivate a deeper sense of self trust and exploration of what my inner child needs to hear.


    I could go on and on telling you about it, but I'm busy and I need to get back to class right now, because I am committed to this work. So I'm going to be bold here and go ahead and say -- if you're even remotely interested, do yourself a favor and get yourself to this retreat. Join us, as we all learn about ourselves and heal as a village. Transmute the poison and RISE together. "



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    "Wow. I knew this Journey was going to be powerful… and the amount of potency, release, and insights I’ve received have been beyond what I expected. I feel in this container I’ve finally felt safe to begin to release and unravel core truamas that have longed to be seen, acknowledged, held and felt. And it’s that much more potent to be in this journey with other people having the courage to embrace this process, together. Some key take aways that I’ve been continuing to learn (just so you can get a jist) are the importance and relevance of…


    Parts work, Attachment Theory, Trauma & Release/Integration, Leading/Hearing/Speaking with the Heart, Consent, Repair, Comedy/Role play/Theater, Healthy Relating, Communication and Boundaries, and being committed to showing up together when choosing to cocreate a relationship…


    And just SO MANY cool different angles and insights on these topics from SO MANY AMAZING, INSIGHTFUL (loving and caring) PRESENTERS.


    I’ve been coming more into the reality that security to me in someone and myself looks like being generally accepting, having good boundaries, being open to love and connection with no judgement, leading with curiosity and tending with care.


    I’m affirming more and more that these are the kinds of people I want to be around and more who I strive to become. People who really just love and are open to connection and that’s about it (but from an empowered, self connected place)🙏🙌.


    Thank you Philippe and Naiya for spearheading such a beautiful space of vulnerability, education and safety. I look forward to continuing to be a part of this nourishing community of humans on their The Journey to Secure." ~ Cyrena

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     "Wow. Journey to Secure was a powerful experience for me. I attended both the online and live immersion and received so many potent downloads and insights about myself and how I relate to others.


    I felt enveloped in a warm and nurturing environment that encouraged self-discovery, personal growth, authenticity and vulnerability.


    The facilitators are true experts in attachment theory, and their deep knowledge and compassionate guidance helped me gain a profound understanding of my own attachment patterns.


    I felt safe to explore and express my emotions in this container and be seen unpacking some deep core wounds and traumas.


    I developed a deeper relationship to my inner child and what she needs. I learned so many useful communication tools and heart-centered practices to co-create richer and more fulfilling relationships. Witnessing other people in their deep process was highly impactful and also helped me piece together parts of my own experience.


    It was a life-changing experience that I highly recommend to anyone desiring to digest and express their emotions with greater compassion and care, cultivate more forgiveness and acceptance in relationships, and heal with a kind community who is walking right alongside you."

    "The Journey to Secure helped me learn more about myself and develop relationship skills that will help me to embrace my authentic self and show up fully available to the people in my life. I am grateful for presenters and organizers who are supportive and encouraging while looking at both the light and shadow parts of life and making sense of how to fully embrace the human experience."

    “The Journey to Secure”, after 5 days of immersion, what can I say that would fit on a TikTok post?!!! I'm so grateful that I feel inspired to create my first post ever (no, I'm not a social media person and yes, I had to ask my daughter for help)


    First and foremost a big sincere, heartfelt “thank you” to Philippe’s and Naya’s vision, passion... for seeding this special event, for all the presenters who believed in it and said “yes!”, all the support staff and assistants who made sure we were well supported and all the participants for showing up, engaging and sharing.... 


    I can only imagine what it took to bring this special event into reality as what was created was such a scrumptious, sumptuous, varied buffet of delicious offerings:

    • high quality, nuanced information very well presented
    • valuable, supportive practices and resources
    • courageous inquiries
    • raw authentic expressions
    • powerful sharing
    • tender holding in vulnerability
    • amazing transformative experiences
    • beautiful loving connections
    • community spirit
    • rich celebrations
    • overflowing, heart inspired gratitude... 

    I feel so satiated and satisfied! 


    Here is a quote from an oracle card I pulled today that describes where I'm at: 

    'We shall tell our tales of adventure and laugh, and we’ll dance and sing. Eventually, day shall pass into night and we’ll gaze beneath our feet, our mouth gaping open in awe and minds utterly blank, rendered dumb in sweet submission to beauty, as we watch the world spinning on her axis' “ ~ Veronique